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Cubicfarm Sells Nine HydroGreen Systems For $1.26M

Cubicfarm Systems Corp. has sold nine HydroGreen grow system modules in North Dakota and South Dakota.

On October 25, 2021 , HydroGreen Certified Dealer Grohs International initially committed to selling 12 HydroGreen Grow System indoor growing technologies to its customers in 2022. In the first month of the year, Grohs International has placed orders for nine of the 12 and signed the contract to purchase the modules from CubicFarms, which represents equipment sales valued at approximately CAD$1.26 million.

Total sales commitments to date from members of the HydroGreen Certified Dealer Network include more than 100 modules in 2022, valued at over CAD$21.5 million.

"I was driven to help the small farmer, and still am, but I didn't realize the magnitude of need for fresh on farm feed," said Dihl Grohs, founder of the HydroGreen Grow System technology and owner of Grohs International. "It's bigger than I thought it would be. HydroGreen is essential. My goal wasn't to create a better fodder system-I was just trying to take the labor away. The team that CubicFarms has put together is what we needed and through R&D, this automated indoor growing technology has evolved as a leader in the industry."

HydroGreen Certified Dealer Network Installations

Through the Company's Wyoming-based HydroGreen Certified Dealer, the Company has broken ground at Burnett Land & Livestock Ltd., LLLP ("Burnett") in Carpenter, Wyoming. Site readiness and construction is well underway at Burnett's in preparation for 12 commercial scale modules, collectively known as HydroGreen Vertical Pastures(TM). Burnett's operations include over 17,000 cattle located on 35,000 acres across the Midwestern and Western United States. Once installed, this will be the largest automated indoor fresh livestock feed system in the world.

Through the Company's Utah-based HydroGreen Certified Dealer, installation was completed for three HydroGreen Grow System modules from a sale previously announced on November 15, 2021 to Magnuson Cattle Company in Castle Dale, Utah. Installation was completed in December 2021, representing equipment sales valued at approximately CAD$450,000.

"The HydroGreen Certified Dealer Network was created to meet increasing distribution demand for the Company's HydroGreen technology to help get this technology into the hands of the farmers who need it now," said Dan Schmidt, President, HydroGreen. "Our dealers bring decades of direct experience working with farmers in the dairy and beef industries and we're thrilled to offer new Farmer Partners support to get up and running quickly."

About CubicFarms

CubicFarms is a leading local chain agricultural technology company developing and deploying technology to feed a changing world. Its proprietary ag-tech solutions enable growers to produce high quality, predictable produce and fresh livestock feed with HydroGreen Nutrition Technology, a division of CubicFarm Systems Corp. The CubicFarms(TM) system contains patented technology for growing leafy greens and other crops onsite, indoors, all year round. CubicFarms provides an efficient, localized food supply solution that benefits our people, planet, and economy.

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